Creating a Wedding Wonderland


by Kat Hill

As wedding videographers, our goal is to not only document a wedding day, but to tell a story. Story is the backbone of our films but is something that we rarely influence. That’s why we were so excited to be asked to create a vision for the next New Braunfels Wedding Guide styled shoot. Not only were we given the freedom to create the story, but we were also able to hand-select the vendors to make it come to life.  

Our shoot was inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Alice’s character is in the transition from being an imaginative young girl into a young woman in High Society. Her whimsical journey winds through paths of the unknown, much like the journey of growing older, or stepping into a new chapter of life. Our couples are going through a similar journey as they embark into a new chapter which begins on their wedding day. With that in mind, we thought it would be a fun challenge to create our own Wonderland where anything is possible. We want our couples to imagine their weddings not just as a rite of passage, but as an opportunity to think out of the box to create a truly memorable event! We wanted to see what the vendors from New Braunfels Wedding Guide can bring to the table, and what came of it was a unique story that only these vendors could tell. 

To begin, we needed a photographer on our team that could help us find balance between the whimsical storyline and ground it in a timeless and tasteful way. This is why Shy Laurel Photography was the perfect choice as our photographer. We loved watching her expertise at work, quietly analyzing each scene we threw at her, and creating pictures with such a creative and unique perspective!

Next, we needed a location. Posey Meadows is a beautiful venue on the outskirts of San Marcos, Texas. Our spring shoot features their various landscapes to backdrop a modern couple looking for a classic hill country experience. With a mix of hill country wildflower meadows dappled with live oaks, and two magnolia trees greeting you into their modern farmhouse venue hall. It was the perfect blank canvas, ready to be transformed into something magical! With their help we were able to scope out the three main sets to highlight both their indoor and outdoor spaces: the Enchanted Forest, the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and the Royal Reception.

Cat Haus Rentals and KB Flowers worked together with their whimsical designs to transform the venue into a wedding Wonderland. Brooke and Kristie’s incredible eye and attention to detail were able to flawlessly weave their designs together, laying a solid foundation for our story. The time and thoughtful touches they put into their designs were a dream to see finally come together, and each set was truly a sight to behold!

Not only were we transforming the venue, but our models and vendors had some fun becoming characters as well! Kirstyn and Syngen were our King and Queen of Hearts, featuring a gorgeous off-the-shoulder empire gown by Maggie Sortero provided by Celebrations Bridal and Prom. They also featured their jewelry and an all-white suit for our groom. Needless to say, their featured pieces are right on-trend for an elegant spring wedding! Southern Tease completed Kirstyn’s look with smokey eyes with a neutral palette, along with a simple up-do to compliment her heart-shaped neckline. These tasteful choices allowed our bride’s natural beauty to shine throughout the day. And of course, our story would not be complete without our flower girl as Alice!  

Trinity Brushworks was inspired by the singing flower garden from the original story. Surrounded by the wild grasses and trees of our Enchanted Forest, we find Natalie painting a portrait of our King and Queen.   Natalie’s ability to paint with such detail and skill on canvas never ceases to amaze us! She guides Alice “through the looking glass” that takes them to the Royal Wedding.  

At the Ceremony, we find our bride and groom exchanging their vows with our officiant from Texas Wedding Ministers. Dressed in a whimsical pink and purple suit, our officiant’s Cheshire Cat-inspired outfit added the perfect pop of color amongst the all-white ceremony florals.

For our cocktail hour we of course had to have a Tea Party hosted by The Mad Hatter herself! The design of her dress is one of the many ingenious creations of DFNTLY Entertainment. With Sugar Clouds Cotton Candy’s glitter bombs, they gave the champagne a touch of sweet glittery goodness. Together they make a fantastic team, and their combined services would elevate any event!

As for the tea table itself, we did not hold back on the whimsy!  Aly Am Paperie’s gorgeous custom signage points us towards Cat Haus’ beautifully decorated tea table. It features a centerpiece of towering books surrounded by a tasteful medley of decor and mismatched table settings crafted by Cat Haus Designs as well as an assortment of delicious pies provided by The Texas Pie Co. KB Flowers provided  a beautiful arrangement of wildflowers that made our Tea Party blend perfectly with its natural surroundings!

Our shoot could not have been possible without the hard work of our vendors, and so we just had to extend an invitation for tea!

Last but not least was our Royal Reception. When walking inside, the room is filled with light from the wall of windows overlooking the dance floor. The whimsical gold and white thrones provided by Texas Enchanted Rentals n More were the perfect touch to bring the whole design together!  But when the music begins and the lights turn down, our white florals, white tables, and white walls are suddenly transformed into a real Queen of Hearts Reception! Jesse from Dat DJ, inspired by the White Rabbit, makes his grand entrance as he sets the perfect mood to get the party started!

Time for dessert! Dessert Kart made a wonderful assortment of Queen of Hearts-inspired late night treats, from brownies to heart-shaped cakes, to a whimsical white wedding cake adorned with a single red rose. Our bride and groom got a taste of a pair of golden hearts topped with a pearl white rose, craftily designed by Candi’s Sweet Treats n’more.

We capped off the night with Southern Standard Bar, with their mobile LED bar making a statement all on its own! Our bartender Koby provided a beautiful display of his work, preparing Wonderland-inspired cocktails topped with Sugar Clouds’ cotton candy and even a smoke gun to add an extra shot of flavor to finish his drinks. Southern Standard truly sets the standard for an amazing bartending experience!

We aren’t done! Take a look at the beautiful rendition of this special event by Mobilboheme!

With that, we wrapped! We are so thankful for the opportunity to work alongside some of the best wedding vendors in the Hill Country. Not only did we learn so much about the behind-the-scenes work that goes into a styled shoot, but we also saw first-hand the type of magic these vendors can create out of an idea. If they can transform a venue into Wonderland, just imagine what they can do for your wedding day!

You can find more fabulous inspirational videos at New Braunfels Wedding Guide’s YouTube Channel.