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Open Air Outdoor Venues

Celebrate your big day in Texas’ open air. Outdoor wedding venues offer a unique blend of natural beauty and spaciousness, making them the perfect choice for couples looking to celebrate their love in Hill Country style.

We’ve listed below the most beautiful open air outdoor wedding venues for your New Braunfels, Texas area wedding. Don’t forget to also use our Find Vendors and search category sections to find wedding professionals for every aspect of your wedding planning.

Why Choose an Outdoor Venue for Your Wedding?

Natural Beauty: Open air venues allow you to immerse yourself and your guests in the stunning landscapes of Hill Country Texas. Whether it’s a lush garden, a scenic grove, or a rustic ranch, these outdoor venues provide breathtaking backdrops that add an extra layer of beauty to your wedding day.

Versatility: Outdoor venues are incredibly versatile, accommodating a variety of wedding styles and sizes. Whether you envision a casual, intimate gathering or a grand, elaborate celebration, open air venues can be customized to fit your vision perfectly.

Spaciousness: Open air venues offer ample space for your guests to move around comfortably. This is especially beneficial for large weddings, where indoor venues might feel cramped. The expansive nature of outdoor venues allows for creative setups, including spacious dance floors, elegant dining areas, and cozy lounge spots.

Natural Lighting: One of the significant advantages of outdoor venues is the natural lighting. Daytime weddings benefit from the bright, beautiful sunlight, while evening events can be enhanced by the soft glow of sunset and twinkling stars, creating a magical atmosphere.

Unique Ambiance: The ambiance of an open air venue is unmatched. The sounds of nature, the fresh air, and the open sky contribute to an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Each season brings its own charm, from the vibrant blooms of spring to the golden hues of fall.

Unlike traditional indoor wedding venues, open air venues offer a direct connection with nature. While historic venues boast rich heritage, and ballrooms offer grandeur, outdoor venues provide an organic, relaxed atmosphere that is both elegant and refreshing. You can even find vendors that offer a good mix of both outdoor and indoor!

The ever-changing natural scenery ensures that no two weddings look the same, providing a unique and personal touch to your celebration. Don’t hesitate to research our vendors – you can find pictures and info from previous weddings with these venues in the Featured In section below. And visit their website from the links on their vendor section.

Texas is home to some of the most beautiful outdoor wedding venues, perfect for any style. From the Hill Country’s rolling landscapes to the waterfront and unending groves, New Braunfels offers a diverse range of outdoor settings that will make your wedding day truly special.

You’ll find that the New Braunfels area offers a unique blend of picturesque landscapes and favorable weather conditions, making it an ideal location for open air weddings. The area’s rich natural beauty provides stunning backdrops that suit all types of personalities and themes.

With our featured venues, you can expect local expertise and a deep understanding of the unique logistics involved in hosting an outdoor event. Our featured vendors provide exceptional service, ensuring that your open air wedding is flawlessly executed and memorable.

Featured Outdoor Venues

Experience the magic of the great Texas open air wedding scene with our handpicked selection of featured outdoor venues. These breathtaking outdoor wedding venues offer a unique and enchanting setting for your special day.

Each venue offers its own distinctive charm and natural beauty, ensuring a one-of-a-kind experience for you and your guests. Explore our list of vendors to find the perfect open air setting for your dream wedding.

Gruene Estate offers several structures including the 1857 home of Ernst and Antoinette Gruene, a charming wedding chapel.  This venue can accompany up to 200 event guests and is a situated location for those looking for an elegant Texas country wedding.

Say “I do” at our Texas treasure. The ceremony site is outdoor with a rustic wood arch and benches to match set among a country landscape that is framed with a beautiful pond and lush trees. Seating is provided for up to 150 guests.

Experience the luxury of  a half-century-old estate with a modern fairy-tale aesthetic. Situated in the middle of an oak grove, the ceremony site is a romantic setting for couples to exchange their vows.

Located in beautiful Hill Country, La Fontana Springs offers an unmatched experience and atmosphere with acres undisturbed beauty, our industrial chic alt space, chandelier filled Grand Ballroom, and fountain area that all provide unique settings for your wedding ceremony, rehearsal dinner or private party.

The entire area around the ranch is canopied with native Pecan and Cypress trees including three acres of one the finest carpet grass lawns in south Texas overlooking the beautiful Lake Placid. You deserve a breathtaking setting in which to create the wedding of your dreams.

Texas Rock House has been a place for friends and loved ones to share special moments since 1940. Our rustic space is perfect for your upcoming event! Complete with Rustic Farmhouse, Country Cottage, dance floor, deck, and beautiful country views.

Escape to the magic of a live oak grove nestled in ninety acres of secluded Texas countryside.  The Oaks of Ever After combines the charm of the countryside with the convenience of nearby cities. 

Willow Ridge is an all-in-one venue, providing ceremony and reception spaces as well as lodging.

Mystic Quarry

Mystic Quarry is a modern RV resort offering cabins, glamping, and camping.