2022 Fashion Trends for the Entire Wedding Party!


by Celebrations Bridal and Prom

Planning a wedding can be stressful enough without having to do your own research on fashion trends in weddings. So, sit tight- we have you covered!

First up- florals!
We love floral motifs. Celebrations has a huge selection of laces showing you just how much we love florals! But for this, we are talking about some flower designs that really stand out- 3D florals!

Another trend that we are lovinga deep V-neck.
A good deep V can elongate the neck and the body making us look taller and thinner. Now if only wearing our fiancé’s oversized shirts had the same effect!

And for the more modest bride- squared necklines are having a big moment too!

A new twist on an old classic is puffy sleeves!
Our love of puffy sleeves goes way back to reading Anne of Green Gables as children. All Anne (with an E) wanted was a dress with puffy sleeves. If she were getting married in the New Braunfels area (and she was not a fictional character), we would have just the dress for her!

We know you want to show a little skin with a leg baring slit!
Not only does a slit add a little sex appeal to your wedding dress- it also makes your legs look a million miles long AND adds some ventilation. We aren’t saying that wedding dresses are hot….. but they don’t necessarily keep you cool either.

Capes, sleeves and skirts! Oh my!
This is going to be any piece that can be removed from the dress to create a different look. While this trend isn’t exactly new, it is expected to linger for several more seasons. We have tons of options for these, so that everyone can have a fresh and unique take on their bridal look!

You will see some more trends like ruffles, corset tops with exposed boning, and skin-baring gowns hitting the store soon too. We are loving the vibe these details bring to your big day!

Men, maids and moms… we haven’t forgotten you! Gone are the days where the bridal party fades into the background. Today’s bride is looking for a cohesive look for the bridal party that will wow guests!

First of all, no more pink for mom of the bride and blue for mom of the groom (unless that’s your jam). These days, the moms wear colors to complement the colors of the wedding. If the bridesmaids are wearing blush, moms may be seen wearing burgundy. Besides a wider range of colors for moms, we are also seeing sexy silhouettes, sparkle for days, and oh yeah, pockets!

For the men of the party, you can never go wrong with a classic black tux. It’s a classic for a reason. The last decade has seen a rise in popularity of adding a bit of color to the men of the wedding. And by a bit, we mean navy, gray and tan. Those colors have become so ubiquitous in weddings, they are considered neutrals now. This season, men in the wedding are wearing more colors, textures and patterns!

For the bridesmaids, soft pastels and flowy chiffon have take the backseat to a whole new vibe. The latest color trends tend to be jewel tones and colors reminiscent of the 1970’s. Charmeuse, velvet and satin have replaced chiffon for top billing. And a more fitted silhouette, like the slip dress, is new favorite among brides and their maids.

At the intersection of all of these trends, you  end up with a stunning wedding that people will remember forever!