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There’s a big difference between hiring someone who can take photos and a professional photographer. You will see the difference in their portfolio, rates, and the equipment that they use. Even professional photographers who have just started their business will have a complete set of gear, from cameras to lenses. After all, quality gear doesn’t have to be expensive. The best wedding photographers, though, will also own specialist gear, such as reflectors for outdoor weddings and video lights for reception areas.

But how do you know which photographer to get? Here are a couple of tips.


Choose value over price

The more renowned a photographer is, the more expensive they will be. However, the best photographer for your wedding doesn’t have to be the most expensive. For example, they might use less equipment, and thus offer cheaper services, but their portfolios are filled with quality work. Some photographers even like to give wedding packages at a flat fee, including the post-processes and digital raw copies. Do they allow edits? Are there freebies (like frames) that come with the deal? Always choose the photographer that offers the most value for their fee.


Match your aesthetics

Whether it’s the lighting on your photos, the “theme,” or simply your preference in angles, there are plenty of factors that make up your aesthetic. Maybe it’s vintage and nostalgic or bright with a lot of saturated colors. Whatever it is, you have to make sure that it perfectly matches your wedding photographer’s style. Take your time to look at their entire wedding portfolio (and not just the “highlights”) to get a feel of their overall aesthetic.


See what former clients have to say

A photographer’s portfolio can only tell you so much. There’s a lot that goes on during the big day, such as the photographer’s creative process to how well they’re willing to accommodate their client’s requirements, that you have to know. Most wedding photographers will have their clients’ reviews online, or will have published blog posts about the weddings they’ve covered, which sometimes include the couple’s testimonials.

If you can hire a wedding photographer based on a personal recommendation, then even better. This way, you can actually talk to a former client and get their opinion about their services.


Get to know them personally

It’s difficult to act naturally around a photographer you don’t know very well or, worse, don’t feel comfortable around. On the other hand, it’s a real challenge to take someone’s photo if you don’t know how they act, their best angles, or certain intimate details. This is why you should take the time to get to know potential wedding photographers before hiring them. You can invite them for lunch, for example, or have a conversational chat with them online.

Choosing your wedding photographer is a big decision. As such, take your time to consider all your options. Whether it’s their style, packages, or personality, you have to be perfectly comfortable with all of this to know that they’re the right person for the job.



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