Do I really need a Day of Coordinator?

 by Halima Hanemann, Owner of Lively Events (More fabulous advice from Halima in our interview with an expert series)
As a wedding planner, the number one question I get asked is “Do I really need a day of coordinator?” My answer is always, “Absolutely!” If you want to enjoy your wedding, you definitely need a day of coordinator.  

“I’ve done all the planning so far. I can handle it on the wedding day too.”


When planning your wedding, it is easy to spend way too much time comparing shades of pink or obsessing over the perfect DJ to keep your guests on the dance floor all night. On your wedding day, you actually want to enjoy all your hard work and, of course, your new hubby! You don’t want to have to run around the reception space with your veil on and flawless makeup while worrying about putting the candles out and answering questions from vendors. (Take it from my personal experience; this is not fun to do!) You definitely don’t want to put your family to work for you either!

“What exactly does a day of coordinator do?”


In my day of coordination package, 6 weeks before the wedding date, we start with a walk through at your venue. At our meeting, we help you with your table layout, guest flow at the buffet line, where to put your cake table, sign-in table, photo booth, etc.

We will also create your timeline, so you can confirm arrangements with your vendors too. About a week before the wedding, we will run your rehearsal with your officiant, get to the wedding before your vendors arrive, assist with setup and breakdown, of course, guide the event and coordinate times of your first dance, cake cutting, etc.

My experience of planning weddings for 9 years enables me to anticipate problems and fix the situation before they even happen!

“My bridesmaid just got married and she offered to help with mine.”


If you have an overzealous bridesmaid that wants to help you on your wedding day, that is fabulous. But hiring a professional who does this every weekend is definitely the way to go. Most of the time, your day of coordinator knows the vendors they will be working with and can anticipate any problems that may arise. After being in the business for 9 years. I can see a problem before it happens and take care of it before anyone, especially the couple, knows about it!

“My venue has a coordinator on site that day.”

Having a venue coordinator on site is always nice. A good venue coordinator is worth their weight in gold. But a venue coordinator and a day of coordinator are different. First, the title says it all. The venue coordinator is there for the venue, making sure you are following the guidelines set in your contract. They may also oversee onsite catering, security, etc. Remember venue coordinators work for the venue.

A wedding planner or day of coordinator only answers to you. I am there for you and your other half that day. I make sure the DJ is ready for your first dance. I ensure you have eaten before the ceremony and at dinner. I make sure your cards and gifts go home with the right person and so much more. My number one priority is you and making things go smoothly.

“Okay, I’m sold, how do I choose the right day of coordinator?”


You definitely want to get along with your day of coordinator! You’ll be working very closely with this person until your wedding day. Then, on the wedding day, they will be your right-hand man, helping you all day. Sometimes your coordinator will even hold your dress up for you while you pee!


Start with the venue’s list of recommended vendors. Meet planners at open houses in the area. Go to bridal shows and search wedding websites, like The New Braunfels Wedding Guide. Follow hashtags on Instagram. Then, check out the websites and social media pages of the planners you like. Reviews on these sites are always a great way to get an inside peek into past brides experiences too.


Next, set up a phone call or an in-person meeting with the day of coordinators that have your date available. Choose the one you feel confident will do an amazing job at your wedding and that you like best.


Now, all you have to do is relax and know your wedding day is in good hands!

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