2022 June Featured Bride

Tell us about your love story!

How did you meet?

Raleigh and I met while I was still in college.  I was in my junior year studying interdisciplinary studies at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi.  Raleigh had recently moved to Corpus Christi to begin a job as an engineer building offshore oil rigs.  We met at Brewster Street Ice House. Afterwards, I started following him on Instagram. I decided, “I will follow him, and if he messages me, he is interested. If he doesn’t, oh well.”  He messaged me and the rest is history!  

How did you know he/she was “The One”?

Our first date was one of those dates where you both don’t want it to end.  We walked and talked for hours and eventually found ourselves on the beach.  He quickly became my best friend.  We both are very caring, hardworking people, so his work ethic was something I appreciated about him.  I truly feel so at peace with him. The more time we spent together the closer we became. I realized that we truly completed one another. We bring out the best in each other and push the other to be the best version of ourselves.

How did he propose?

Funny story.  He proposed on the beach in January.  I actually had no idea it was coming. We  always take our dog Millie on a walk along the coast.  I had just gotten my nails done with one of my good friends.  Come to find out my friend was secretly in on Raleigh’s proposal.

Raleigh and I arrived at the beach and started walking. We were stopped by a lady with her camera, and she asked if she could take some pictures of us and our dog. I replied, “Sure, why not!” When she showed me the photos, I asked, “Are you an actual photographer because they are pretty good?”  She said, “Thank you, but no just seeing if it’s something I want to start doing.” While she was showing me the pictures, Raleigh hooked a dog tag to Millie. When we started walking, I heard it rattling on her, and I checked to see what was caught on her collar. I read it and looked up to find Raleigh on one knee. (Thank you so much Prickly Peak Photography for capturing the photos.)  I immediately felt a flood of emotions, BUT when he opened the ring box, it was empty! He began acting panicked and kept repeating that he lost the ring.  I started looking in the sand along with the photographer!! We had no idea where it was. We drove home to continue searching, and as it turned out Raleigh had GRABBED THE WRONG BOX.  He had bought a beautiful box for the ring and had inadvertently grabbed the wrong one! He didn’t let me see the ring until we drove to a new location closer to the apartment at Sunset Park. There, I was proposed to a second time!! This time with a gorgeous ring!! I said, “Yes!” twice that day. Once without a ring and once with a ring!! It’s a fun story to tell, but I will never forget all the real emotions I felt that day. 

What planning tools did you use? 

Who helped with the planning?

The day-of coordinator, Heather, from The Perfect Day, Mario The Flower Guy, and my parents did a great job making my vision come to life.

Did you DIY any aspect of your wedding?

We made our own invitations and provided the candles and jars.  My mother-in-law created a beautiful photo collage of us from our childhood to today.

Where did you splurge?

I splurged on the flowers!!! I just had to have an abundance of beautiful florals and greenery.

Why did you choose your venue?

It is a beautiful large space to hold all my guests.  I loved the outdoor area as well as the condos on sight for out-of-town guests.  My whole wedding party stayed on sight! The location is great as well!! It was so close to everything yet you still feel like you are out in the hill country. 

Did you incorporate any special traditions or sentimental details in your ceremony or reception?

Our ceremony was at the church where I was baptized and grew up.  I even attended the catholic school from kinder to 8th grade there.  Also, my family always does a Grand March!! My Aunt Joan and Uncle Barry led the Grand March as they did at my parent’s wedding in 1995.

What was your most stressful decision?

I would say the most stressful decision was choosing the music for our ceremony.  I spent hours listening to songs and trying to picture myself walking down the aisle to them. In planning, I really tried to be attentive to the small details, so it took me a while to decide.  That and compiling our invitation list.  I would have invited everyone we knew if I could! Cutting the guest list down was HARD. 

What turned out to be your best decision surrounding the big day?

The florals and the food by far were some of our best decisions!! 

Is there anything you would have done differently

I would have changed the schedule around a bit more and started hair and makeup even earlier than we did.  It went by so fast, and we were rushing toward the end. 

Tell Us About

Your dress:

The designer is Beccar! I got it from Olivia Grace Bridal in San Antonio, Texas.

Your flowers:

I wanted wild flowers and pinks and white roses, lilies and lots of greenery, and Mario the flower guy definitely delivered.  The flowers were so fresh and beautiful. 

 The food:

Chuy’s, our caterer, served delicious chicken and beef fajitas.  We also had a large charcuterie board during cocktail hour as well as donuts and chocolate milk for the kids.

The cake:

The bride’s cake was vanilla with raspberry filling. The  groom’s cake was chocolate Oreo fudge.

Recap your big day for us:

What made you cry?

Waiting to walk down the aisle and talking to my dad had me in tears.

What’s the best advice you can give a bride and groom planning their wedding?   

Start planning early! We bought a house in the middle of wedding planning and that side-tracked our planning for a while and made getting a lot of the details ironed out more stressful as our big day approached. Also, be sure to proofread all your invites and save the dates before you print them!

What did you look forward to most as Mr. & Mrs.?

It felt so awesome to finally be one family starting a new journey together. It was so exciting to finally be officially married and go on our honeymoon to relax after all the intense wedding planning.