Wedding Day Emergency Kit


It’s finally time! Time to walk down the aisle. You’ve spent months planning every detail of your perfect hill country wedding, full of rustic charm and southern elegance. You have thought of every detail, from the perfectly historic location to the flowers & décor. You’re ready to go.

On your wedding day, even if everything is planned down to the angle of your place cards, something will go awry. Minor mishaps- especially of the fashion and beauty variety- are bound to happen over the course of the day. That means it’s best to be prepared for anything the day may throw at you with a little stash of helpful items on hand. Cue the Wedding Day Emergency Kit!  Whether it’s stored in the Bridal Suite or in a special reception-ready bag, you’ll feel more at ease knowing you have the essentials nearby while you are getting ready and during the after-party festivities!

A makeup bag filled with “just in case” items can fix most of those little wedding-day problems and end up saving the day! Got a minor headache or pain you want to kick pre-ceremony? Pop an Advil. Corner of your fake eyelashes coming off? Whip out that tube of glue. Spill some red wine on your dress? Thank goodness you’ve packed some Shout Wipes! Did your MOH bust the seam in her dress? Have no fear, you packed that mini-sewing kit. From deodorant to double-sided tape, an emergency kit can be a real lifesaver on the big day.

Here’s a list of 32 items we’d recommend a bride and bridesmaids have on hand in a “Wedding Day Emergency Kit” for the big day:

  • Bobby pins and hair ties: You can never have too many of these.
  • Band-Aids: Or better yet, a mini first aid kit with all the mini necessities for those small scrapes that may happen during the hustle and bustle of the day.
  • Medicine (pain reliever, allergy medicine, antacid): Be prepared for those pesky aches and pains that can show up at any moment—headaches, allergies, and indigestion!
  • Mini toothbrush with toothpaste: Whether you want to freshen up before the long-awaited kiss with your groom or you forgot to brush your teeth morning of because you were just *so* excited, this will be a breath saver.
  • Fashion tape: You’d be surprised how much this can help on a day full of strapless gowns and dancing.
  • Mini Sewing kit: This will include mini scissors and safety pins!
  • Tweezers: From stray hairs to splinters, you never know when these will come in handy.
  • Lipstick, lip gloss, and/or Chapstick: Because who wants dry lips.
  • Extra earring backs: You can even throw in an extra pair of studs just in case someone forgets their earrings.
  • Tide-to-Go pen or Shout Wipes: Because hello white dress + red wine!
  • Baby Wipes or Towelettes:  For freshening up on the go.
  • Deodorant: Chances are, someone probably forgot to use it this morning…and it could be you.
  • Tissues: For those happy tears (or watery eyes from an accidental poke in the eye with your mascara wand!)
  • Anti-Chaffing stick and/or Baby Powder: We know a thing or two about hot summer days here in the Texas Hill Country. Add a little stress and a small room filled with all you’re A-list ladies, things can get a bit damp. Using an anti-chaffing stick in those places that rub or some moisture-absorbing baby powder will help you feel fresh and dry all day.
  • Extra undergarments: Let’s be honest…this is for when baby powder just doesn’t cut it.
  • Make-up remover wipes & Q-tips: Make-up mistakes happen, but they don’t have to ruin the day!
  • Small mirror: For any quick, last-minute makeup checks.
  • Oil blotting sheets for your face: We recommend these instead of applying more makeup on top of your fancy wedding makeup! These are especially essential for those of us fighting the Texas heat.
  • Tampons:  Even if you don’t need one, someone else will.
  • Super Glue: For fixing shoes, nails, jewelry, runs in tights, and more.
  • Eyelash glue: If you’re wearing falsies.
  • Travel lotion: For taming dry skin and flyaways.
  • Travel hairspray: Speaking of flyaways, you can never be too careful with those curls and updos that need to last all day and night.
  • Sole inserts & heel protectors for high heels: Trust us.
  • Nail polish (one clear top coat; one in the shade you’re wearing) and a nail file: Just in case you need to touch up that mani/pedi.
  • A healthy bar or snack: The last thing you want is to be hangry walking down the aisle.
  • Pen and paper: For reminders, thank you notes, or our favorite…that last little secret note between you and your groom.
  • Lint roller: For those men in suits that got a little too close to their furry friend before leaving the house.  
  • An extra pair of contacts if you wear them & eye drops: Don’t let your pesky eyes ruin your beauty prep.
  • Phone charger: While we don’t recommend you have your phone glued to you on the day of, you also don’t want a dead battery just in case you need a to take a call from the caterer or call your MOB for a last-minute errand!
  • Flip-flops for dancing: Because those heels can’t bring down the night of dancing.

While this list may seem extensive, trust us, you can never be too prepared!

Photos by Gaby Caskey

This article was provided by Gruene Estate.