When you fall in love with someone, it is natural that you want to spend the rest of your life with them! You want to declare your love in front of all of your family and friends. You want to tie that person to you for all of life’s ups and downs. The reality of trying to plan a wedding to show your love for one another during the Coronavirus pandemic can seem daunting, but we are here with some unsolicited advice! (We know unsolicited advice is everyone’s fave!)

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Swanee Browning of New Braunfels Wedding Guide says, “A small intimate wedding creates the opportunity for an abundance of personality, lavish pampering, and quality time spent in the company of those few with whom you care most!” New Braunfels Wedding Guide is your new go-to resource for all things wedding in the New Braunfels area.

There are very few tangible things you will be left with after your wedding is said and done.  The cake will be eaten, the flowers will wilt, the tuxes will be returned. But we firmly believe that investing in a great wedding photographer is super important. You won’t remember most of your wedding day- it goes by in such a complete blur. Having an amazing photographer will capture those moments forever!

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We have worked with a ton of amazing photographers and any one of them would do an amazing job capturing your big day. Shannon Cain of Shannon Cain Photography stands out because of her passion to get to know her couples. During an intimate wedding or elopement that passion really comes out. Plus, her photos are jaw dropping!

Photo Credit- Shannon Cain Photography

Shannon says, “Some of my very FAVORITE weddings have been elopements and small, intimate weddings.  Sometimes the chaos of the wedding day, the decorations, the flowers, the many moving parts of a wedding, can cloud emotions.  And when you strip away those things and bring it down to what matters…it allows true, raw emotion to shine through.  When you have a small wedding or choose to opt for an elopement, the focus stops being so much about the wedding production, but instead about the sanctity of marriage and the promise being made to one another.  Without distractions.”

Photo Credit- Katie Webb Photography    (Doggo not included in rug rental)

Another way to create a magical ceremony space (and great photos) is to rent furniture and décor. It is such a fun way to show your personality without shelling out tons of money to buy your own pieces. The ladies of Relic Rentals add, “Elopements and intimate weddings allow couples to focus on each other, rather than getting consumed by the details.” Emily and Becky are amazing at what they do and have some really beautiful pieces. So why not let them help you out with all of the fun detail in your décor?

Photo Credit- Katie Webb Photography

Kristy Feland of Glam on Demand recently styled a bride for an intimate wedding due to COVID-19. They wanted to get married no matter the situation. Even in the rain!! She says, “We love intimate weddings and elopements because the couple’s intentions are solely focused on them and what matters most—their love for each other. It’s a more relaxed atmosphere and couples can really absorb each other and time with close family and friends.”

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One of our favorite things about many of the vendors in the New Braunfels area is how much they love seeing their brides so in love and happy! Renee Green of On Location Hair and Makeup believes, “Intimate weddings and elopements are so beautiful because the couple is able to focus on what’s truly important…their union and love for one another without all the added stress a ‘full wedding’ event brings!  The bride is truly glowing with happiness and excitement and radiates it!!!” As an added bonus, like the name suggests, she will travel to you (and she is one of the sweetest ladies ever!)

It probably goes without saying, but we are gonna say it anyway- “we have wedding dresses for ceremonies of ALL sizes!” We have a selection of gowns marked $499, $699 & $899. We also know that with some wedding dates, there may not be time to order a wedding gown so we are offering $150 off any full price sample wedding dress!
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Planning a wedding under the best of times can be stressful, and during a pandemic it can feel like you are drowning in quicksand. Everything seems to change every other minute. But hopefully with the help of an amazing vendor team, you can have the wedding of your dreams! We got you girl!

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