Chelsey & Jonathon
April 27, 2019

Tell us your love story!

How did you meet?

We met through a mutual friend. He had seen me at a professional development course and asked her if I was single. She let him know I was. He reached out to me on Facebook and asked me out. I reluctantly said yes only because he knew my friend. I am so glad I did because he turned out to be the love of my life! 

How did you know he was “The One”?

I knew he was the one by our third date! He was so honest and open and willing to listen. I felt like I could tell him anything and was naturally very vulnerable with him. I told him about all the heartbreaks, mistakes, and misfortunes in my life and he was so receptive and nonjudgmental of them all. I felt safe with him in every aspect. On our second date we went on a hike and he brought a first aid kit in his pack for “just in case should you get hurt.” I mean how cute? Haha!

How long did you date? 

We dated for 17 months.

How was the question popped?

We went to the botanical gardens one day and he got down on one knee as we were posing for a photo.

Describe your wedding planning process.

How long were you engaged?

We were engaged for 13 months.

Who helped plan?

Myself, my mother in law, and my mom planned our wedding.

Did you hire a planner?

No, we only hired a day of coordinator.

What planning tools did you use?

The Knot

What turned out to be your best decision surrounding the big day?

Best decision on our big day was having a second outfit to change into. My dress was very heavy so it was nice to have something nice and light to dance in.

Most stressful decision?

For me, the most stressful decisions to be made was selecting my dress and venue.

Anything you would have done differently?

I would have picked my dress first and then my venue. I found the venue first and it was all outdoors and I loved it. About 4 months later I found a perfect dress but it was rough to navigate the day of. I wish I would have found my dress and then found a venue.

Recap your big day for us.

What made you laugh?

What made me laugh the most was really just seeing my loved ones dance and getting to interact with them. The toddlers dancing were so cute! A bunch of family flew in from all over so it was really special and a good time.

What were the most memorable moments?

My most memorable moments are getting ready and the anticipation of walking down the aisle, seeing things I had planned a year in advance all come together, my husbands vows were really touching, and our sparkler exit. A lot of great moments!

What made you cry?

Surprisingly I didn’t cry the day of. I almost cried reading my vows, but I had read them to my bridesmaids the night before so that helped with those jitters.

What unexpected things happened that weren’t planned for?

There were a lot. And I had a really hard time accepting them and letting them go the day of. I’m a bit of a perfectionist. Some alcohol we paid for didn’t show up. The flowers were the wrong color and not placed correctly. Hurt feelings amongst people. It was all very stressful if I’m being honest. I wish I would have hired a very good wedding planner.

What about the details?

What was your vision/theme? 

My vision was very rustic & romantic. I wanted people to feel cozy and warm. We had a fire pit for smores and lights in the trees. I just wanted everyone to feel the love!

How did you bring it to life?

Small details go a long way. For example, my husband and I incorporated vintage books in our centerpieces and signed them all with a handwritten note. They were special for people to take and not a single one was left by the end of the night!

What about the budget?

What was your budget? 

Our budget was 10K.

Where did you save big?

We saved big on the venue. Compared to other venues in the area ours was very DIY friendly and didn’t require us to pay for a lot of things that other venues do. The venue also had their own tables/chairs to rent for cheap. Amazon was great for the small touches.

Where did you splurge? 

We splurged on my dress, on the food because we didn’t want a buffet and we wanted the food served on real china. We had an open bar as well.

What parts of your budget did you go over? 

My wedding dress was over budget as well as the vintage rentals we added.

Final thoughts…

What’s the best advice you can give a bride and groom planning their wedding?

Be firm in what you want and what you don’t want. Clear communication with people who are trying to help plan. If something doesn’t feel right speak up about it, even if they are your friends or loved ones. There were things and feelings I kept to myself because I didn’t want to ruffle any feathers, but it was my day and I wish I would have spoken up.

What did you look forward to most as Mr. & Mrs.?

As Mr. and Mrs. I looked forward to spending the rest of our lives together and starting that next chapter of growth.

What surprised you most during the first few months of marriage?

I was surprised at how drastically our lives changed. I found out I was pregnant less than a week before my wedding and it was like the wedding passed and all of the sudden we are overwhelmed with a baby on the way, and getting orders to move across the U.S. It’s all been a huge adjustment.

Anything else you’d like to share?

For Brides: Once the day is over, don’t dwell on what went wrong or who may of upset you. Focus on the future and what did go right!

Local Vendors used

Venue The Wildflower Barn
Photographer Sonflower Photography
Flowers HEB


Wedding Soundtrack

Processional “I’m gonna be” Sleeping at Last
Recessional “You make my dreams”  Daryl Hall and John Oates
Bridal Party Reception Entrance “Jump around” 

House of Pain

First Dance “Somebody’s Chelsea”

Reba Mackintire

Father Daughter Dance “Stealing Cinderella”

Chuck Wicks

Mother Son Dance “Drops of Jupiter”


Last Dance “Closing time”



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