Heather and Matthew


Tell us about your wedding planning process.

What did you expect it to be like?  

Honestly, I did not know what to expect.  I walked in with no expectations. I had seen my sisters and friends be engaged and get married, but it is truly different experiencing it for yourself.

What was it actually like?  

The planning process is stressful.  I actually am a wedding planner and coordinator so I worked on almost everything alone.  My mother and aunt assisted me with thinking outside the box on items I had tunnel vision on as well as gathering décor to ensure I had everything to make my ideas come to reality.  I do recommend to future brides to hire a coordinator to assist in planning to alleviate unwanted stress.

What would have made the process better?

For a majority of our engagement Matthew was actually sent to work out of town during the week which definitely put an additional stress element to the mix as I did not have my partner in the evenings when I just needed to decompress with a glass of wine.  So, I would say having him around more during the engagement to assist with little details could have made the process easier on me, but he was working hard to provide for us and I appreciate him so much for that.

What was the easiest part?

Picking the vendors. I was born and raised here in New Braunfels so I already knew and trusted individuals I wanted to use as our vendors.

What was the most difficult part?

The most difficult part of planning our wedding is that everyone, although with good intentions, has their own thoughts on how our wedding day should be. I wanted feedback from others as there are many little details that can be missed if you do not collaborate with others, but you can only select a number of ideas. My advice to future brides is to listen to all the advice thrown your way, but you can take what you want and put the rest in your back pocket as back-ups if needed.

What is one thing you wish you would have known prior to planning your wedding?

Your wedding day goes by so quickly that you want to first and foremost make sure your planning is a fun process for you. The minute it becomes a job, reach out to a coordinator or trusting relative/friend to help assist because this is such a special time for you, and you don’t want to miss it by being so involved in planning.

Did you hire a planner or day-of coordinator?

I asked my Aunt Diana to be my day of coordinator as she has coordinated other weddings and we could not have made it through the wedding so beautifully without her helping us. Our venue requires a day of coordinator, but we would have had one anyways because there is no way to have a stress-free wedding without one.

Why did you choose your venue?

Both Matthew and I come from large families and we wanted everyone that loved us to come to our wedding if they could make it. We did not want to limit the number of guests unless we had to so we looked for a beautiful venue that could hold 500 guests as well as have a large dance floor. We found the Chandelier of Gruene and immediately fell in love.

What planning tools did you use?

I utilized theknot.com that creates a wedding website as well as have a monthly checklist to keep you on track with planning. I utilized Pintrest for ideas as well.

How long were you engaged?

We were engaged for 1 year and 1 month.

Who helped with the planning?

My mother, my Aunt Diana, sisters, and bridesmaids were tremendous help. I could not have done this without them. I am so lucky and grateful to be surrounded by amazing ladies.

What turned out to be your best decision surrounding the big day?

I am so glad I booked a videographer. The video just puts a special touch on our memories of the big day.

Most stressful decision?

This is not actually a decision but the most stressful part leading up to the big day, for me, was worrying that all the guests would have fun and a good time at our wedding.

Anything you would have done differently?

I would not have stressed so much about running out of room in the venue. We did invite over 500 guests but since it was a Friday wedding, it was harder for some to make the wedding. We did not come close to running out of room which is great because it gave us the large dance floor we were wanting.

Recap your big day for us:
What made you laugh?

The bouquet and garter toss were the funniest events of the night. We had a few very dedicated guests that were not going to let anyone else catch them. We should have had some of the guests wear football padding because there were definitely some blocks and tackles. Haha

Where did you splurge?

Photography – We knew going in that we having our day captured well and in a style that fits us as a couple was a non-negotiable.

What made you cry?

I teared up when I was walking up to the chapel and down the aisle to where my father for the first time in my life gave me away to my husband. I know my father loves me unconditionally and even though he tried to hide it, he was crying as well.

What unexpected things happened that weren’t planned for? How did you handle them?

The send off did not go as planned for us. When the guests lined up outside, the sparklers were lit a little too early while we were completing our last dance. We still continued with the send off even though most of the sparklers were out. There was still a large crowd to send us off, and they were cheering the whole time.

What were the most memorable moments?

The most memorable moments for me were our first dance and the Grand March. When I hear our song, I still go back to the feeling of him spinning me around the dance floor while everyone watched. I felt like we were the only people in the world.
The Grand March is another memorable moment because it was the largest Grand March I have ever participated in. Mr. & Mrs. Ballard led the march and they took us outside, around the building, and back in with no issues. I was so thankful to have amazing friends that could lead this difficult march.

Did you incorporate any special traditions or sentimental details in your ceremony or reception?

We ensured we had a large Grand March after the first dances.

What’s the best advice you can give a bride and groom planning their wedding?

I recommend to engaged couples to not try to save money by not hiring a day of coordinator. A day of coordinator is essential in ensuring you have a stress- free wedding. You should not be working on your big day. I know multiple individuals that did not hire a day of coordinator for their wedding and that is their biggest regret.

What was your wedding budget and for how many guests?

My parents did not give me a set budget but they did want me to get multiple pricing quotes and to select the best vendor with the best prices. For example, we did not just go with the cheapest, but we tried to go with primarily New Braunfels vendors with the best quality.

Local Vendors used

Venue The Chandelier of Gruene
Officiant Judge Todd Friesenhahn
Photographer Shelby Nicole
Caterer Bill Millers BBQ
Florist Blooms – HEB 306
Cake/Dessert Naegelin’s Bakery

The Perfect Day for décor &

Elegantly Crafted Designs for Signage

Invitations Shutterfly
Dress Shop Celebrations Wedding and Prom
Live Band Rumor Town
Wedding Coordinator The Perfect Day
Makeup Artist Teresa Gomez @Felger & Friends
Hair Stylist Robyn Saldivar @ Felger & Friends
Tan Stylist Hollywood Tans
Bartending/Beverage Service Margarita Madness
DJ and MC Stan Elliot with CrossRoads Mobile DJ
Decor Heather Orsak – The Perfect Day

The soundtrack for our wedding day

Processional Hey Pretty Girl by Kip Moore
Bride Entrance I Get to Love You by Ruelle
Recessional Don’t You Forget About Me by Simple Minds
First Dance The Long Way by Brett Eldredge
Father/Daughter Dance My Wish  by Rascal Flatts
Mother/Son Dance I Hope You Dance  by Lee Ann Womack

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