Elizabeth and Taylor

November 22, 2019

Tell us your love story!

Taylor and I were set up at my sister and brother-in-law’s (Anna and Scott) couples shower in Houston. We knew of each other because we both went to Texas State University for undergrad, and Taylor was friends with my brother-in-law (Scott). I had never officially met Taylor (just Facebook stalked him). I distinctly remember him jumping out of his Uber with his friend Ryan wearing very tight navy pants and a red plaid button-up and thinking how attractive he was! We hung out all night at the shower and talked endlessly. That night he had the guts to even say, “You know we are being set-up right?” I guess he wanted to see my reaction. I just said, “Yeah I know!” That night a big group of us stayed over at my sister’s mother-in-laws house (Andrea). We all woke up very eager to discuss the prior night. I remember laying down on the couch reminiscing when Anna straight up asked Taylor: “Do you like cats? Because if you don’t then this is a deal breaker.” He responded by saying, “I am addicted to cats!” We will never live him live that down!
Taylor brought me over to his Nana’s ranch over off Mission Valley Rd one Sunday afternoon. Her ranch reminded me of my grandmother’s farm in Mississippi and it felt very comfortable and nostalgic. After we arrived I had the easiest time hanging out with his family. I felt I could hang around them forever. I knew in my heart then that Taylor was the one for which I had been waiting!

We met in March of 2016, but he never officially asked me to ‘be his girlfriend’. We went to Anna and Scott’s wedding in Mexico in May 2016, and that is when we started telling people we were dating. He proposed in November 2018 … so we dated about 2.5 years and were engaged a year.

We were going to Houston for Thanksgiving and Anna & Scott’s gender reveal. We arrived on Wednesday and planned to go eat at Bar Louie in The Woodlands. Taylor’s mom (Julie) had been trying me to get my nails done for WEEKS. I kept saying that I wanted to let them grow out. Poor Julie. I finally agreed to getting my nails done (at Indulge Nails in NB). However, the night of the engagement I refused to dress up for dinner. Anna and Julie kept telling me that I should change out of my road trip outfit, but I didn’t see why I should dress up to go to a bar. It was just a bar! So we are on the way to Bar Louie, we park, we get out, and start walking to the restaurant. Taylor suddenly asks the group (my and his whole family) to go down the stairwell to see the Christmas tree by the river. I was getting upset that we were doing this because my poor Granny was 89 years old and did not need to go down the stairs with the restaurant being on the current level we were already on. I was being ‘stubborn’ apparently. So we (I reluctantly) walk down to the tree to find it half-lit. I did not see the hype in this situation. Taylor’s sister (Casey) brought her nice camera and asked each couple to take a photo. I was being stubborn and ‘hangry’ and said I did not want to be in a photo because my outfit was too casual. (I was wearing jeans, Converse, hair in a ponytail, and a parka jacket. Great outfit for a road trip but NOT cute.) Finally Taylor convinced me to take a picture with him in front of this half-lit Christmas tree. We took a few then I tried to walk off, but he kept hold on my arm. He started whispering how much he loved me in my ear, but it didn’t hit me until he was down on one knee. I looked at the ring and said YES, then I turned to Anna, Julie, and my mom and yelled, “Why did y’all let me wear this!!?!?” Hindsight… I was being horribly stubborn!! Poor Taylor! But it was a true surprise, which is exactly what I wanted. 🙂

Tell us about your wedding planning process.

I expected to be super organized and budget perfectly.
I also expected it to FLY by.
I thought it would be easy to book vendors.
I budgeted well for the first few purchases then had to force myself to stop because it was way more than I thought a wedding would be.
The year engagement did NOT fly by. It felt like FOREVER!!
Vendors were easy to book, but I felt weird that I wouldn’t talk to some for months.
What was the easiest part?

The easiest part was booking my vendors. I think I booked all of them within a month of being engaged!! I used a lot of people that Taylor’s sister (Casey) used. I knew they were amazing because I had seen them at her wedding the previous year. 

It was also easy to pick the music. The songs we danced to were all so special to both of us.

What was the most difficult part?

The most difficult part was the day-of schedule! I think I rearranged times for hair and makeup 30 times and still switched times around on the day-of!! That whole day-of timeline schedule was hard, but so was putting my bridesmaids in order. I didn’t want any of them to think the order mattered, so I tried to be strategic when placing them in line by their height and hair color.

Why did you choose your venue?

Taylor’s dad (Greg) had remodeled the venue owner’s residence. It took about 5 minutes to decide it was our venue when we did the tour. It was absolutely gorgeous and just felt like us. Sounds funny, but brides know what I am saying!

What planning tools did you use?

theknot.com had a great timeline. Casey also gave me an Erin Condren planner I used.

Who helped with the planning?

Mostly me…but Barbie Foerester, Amanda Neese, and Logan Crake helped me with timelines. Julie also was super supportive and came with me to meetings and helped me make decisions. My mom funded the wedding :).

Did you hire a wedding planner or day-of coordinator?

Barbie Foerester did it all! She was a God send.

What turned out to be your best decision for the big day?

My officiant. Taylor and I met at her house at the couples shower. She made the absolute best speech for our ceremony. There was laughter, crying, and every emotion you hope to feel. She knocked it out of the park.

Getting ready at my own house with Kylee Jean and Amanda Neese here. They and their teams were not only so talented to work with, but they were so fun to be around. They made a lot of my anxiety and stress melt away.

What were you inspired by while planning your wedding?

Pinterest! I knew kind of what direction I wanted to go, but I used Pinterest to help me get there.

What were your wedding colors?

Our colors were navy and ivory and we chose to use mostly greenery with some ivory flowers. My bouquet also had my granny’s blue handkerchiefs on them since she could not be there. Our wedding theme was ountry-chic, if that is a theme! Picture greenery, wood accents, deer horns, etc. Our ‘guest-book’ was a longhorn skull which really tied in the country feel in with the beautiful Green Estate venue.
We give Barbie Foerester the credit for pulling it all together!! Taylor and I drank out of Wurstfest stein mugs bought from the Sophienburg booth at the 2019 Wurstfest. Also Taylor and his Kappa Sigma fraternity brothers did a chant together then we yelled, “Eat em up! Eat em up!” for all our fellow Texas State Bobcats to respond, “Go Cats Go!!” 🙂

Tell us about your dress.

It was a Stella York. It had lace detail work on the sides that went up to my shoulders. The dress looked like it was tattooed on my body. Maritza did an amazing job altering it to fit my body!

What food did you decide to serve?

We had bacon wrapped chicken, pork steak, green beans w/ bacon, mashed potatoes, and a roll. Next Door Catering even set aside a meal for my friend who cannot eat pork that only had the chicken and vegetables. They were so easy to work with.

Tell us about your cakes.

THE BEST. The grooms cake was chocolate. Mine was 4 tiered with strawberry and snickerdoodle flavors. Mrs. Besson is so talented.

Recap your big day for us!

What made you laugh?

I will NEVER forget when Casey came out on the dancefloor with an Obama face mask from the Shasagram (a photobooth airstream from Gruene Estate). I have never laughed that hard in my life.
Also when our friend Matt Bienek changed into his sneakers so he could dance!!!

What made you cry?

Seeing my dad at the wedding was very emotional. I was told that he was not going to be able to come at all. I planned on having my mom walk me down the aisle and having no father-daughter dance. A week before the wedding my brother offered to bring my dad down and help with him. It was so special to have him there. Seeing him there and looking happy brought tears to everyone’s eyes.

What were the most memorable moments?

Taylor’s and I first look was very special. Logan and Davison captured it beautifully. It was so wonderful to see Taylor, just us two, before I walked down the aisle.

What’s the best advice you can give a bride and groom planning their wedding?

Take premarital counseling! It was such a cool way to talk about serious topics and answer questions you never thought to ask. Also, when changing your name get “in line online” for the DPS!

What did you look forward to most as Mr. & Mrs.?

Wearing our new rings! We already felt married since we lived together, but showing off our new bling from Ernestos was so fun.

Local Vendors used

Venue Gruene Estate
Officiant Paula Goodhart
Photographer The Crakes
Caterer Next Door Catering
Florist Barbie Foerester
Cake/Dessert Serendipity Cakes
Décor/Signage Barbie Foerester

Invitations Minted
Dress Shop Blue Bridal Bouquet
Rentals Comal Event Rentals
Wedding Coordinator Barbie Foerester
Makeup Artist Amanda Neese
Hair Stylist Hair by Kylee Jean
Jewelry Ernestos
Bartending/Beverage Service Margarita Madness
DJ and MC Freetail Wedding DJ
Videography The Crakes


The soundtrack for our wedding day

Processional Amazing Grace Instrumental
Bride Entrance Stand by Me by Skylar Grey
Recessional I Can’t Help Myself Four Tops
First Dance I Ain’t Going Nowhere Baby by Cody Johnson
Father/Daughter Dance Ramble On   by Led Zeppelin
Mother/Son Dance My Wish Tonight  by Rascal Flatts

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