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2022 January Featured Bride

Tell us about your love story!

How did you meet?

Ryan and I met on Tinder, in New York City the winter of 2017! I was an actress/yoga instructor/photographer living in Brooklyn, and he was working for ASCAP in the music business. We had our first date at a bar called Union Hall and pretty much never stopped hanging out after that.

How did you know he/she was “The One”?

I knew this was going to be a forever thing about two and a half weeks into dating. We were taking the train back to our respective apartments in Brooklyn, and I mentioned how excited I was that my mom was coming for her yearly NYC visit, and without thinking, I asked if he wanted to meet my mom. In true Ryan fashion, he said, “Yeah sure!” As the train pulled up to his station he quickly hopped off. Immediate regret sunk in as I realized it was probably WAY too soon to make introductions like that. I figured he would likely forget, make up some excuse or say something like, “This is moving too fast.” Instead, I woke up to a text  the next morning saying he’d made a brunch reservation for us at Essex in the lower east side and that he was so excited to meet my mom. In that moment, I knew this was something different. I think my mom did too because after brunch she spent the rest of the trip asking, “Is Ryan coming to dinner with us?” “Will Ryan meet us for drinks?” “Do you think Ryan wants to come for lunch???” 

How long did you date?

We dated for about two years before Ryan proposed. Our first year dating in NYC is what dreams are made of. Falling in love with such a great guy in such a magical city was the best. Our dates ranged from dollar slice pizza after a night out, bouncing around Brooklyn in the warm summer evenings eating ice cream together, drinks after one of my performances, a visit to Milk Bar on the Upper West Side and never ending coffee and bagels on Sunday mornings. Our second year dating, we moved in together, moving from Brooklyn to Queens. We had a 13×13 square foot luxury studio apartment that we made home. After a year of living together, Ryan proposed.

How did he propose?

A trip up the west coast was one of the first dream trips that we finally booked last November. Little did I know, Ryan had a proposal in the works months and months prior to the planning process. Stop one was San Diego. Stop two was LA, and our next stop was Yosemite where we’d spend two days hiking and camping at the National Park. We ventured to our first easy hike of the day, Sentinel Dome, which would then lead to Taft Point. Ryan was eagerly snapping pictures as we ascended. Anytime we’ve hiked together, I’ve always propped my camera up against anything I could find on the peaks post hike. Brilliantly, Ryan has noted this and bought himself a tripod for the trip. He’s taken up photography since we started dating, so the excitement of his new toy distracted me from the fact that he planned on proposing. Once we hiked Sentinel Dome, he brought out his tripod to play with it. Me, not thinking twice as he loves photography, happily posed as he chose new backgrounds to shoot. On the 4th frame, he said, “Okay one more!” He ran over, took a breath and casually dropped to one knee and asked me to MARRY HIM. I immediately replied with, “WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHATTTT!!!” times 50. Then, “Are you serious” and finally, “YES.” We then hiked up to Taft Point, where I spent 90% of the hike staring at my left hand. How special that he chose this trip as we got to then spend the next eight days of our road trip soaking up the giddiness of being newly engaged!

Describe your wedding planning process

Who helped with the planning?

My mom and wedding planner Lisa! I feel extra grateful to have had a dear family friend help plan…and throughout a postponement to boot!


Did you hire a planner or day-of coordinator?

Lisa stood in as our day-of EVERYTHING!! I truly don’t think the day would have happened if we didn’t have her as our day of coordinator.

Did you DIY any aspect of your wedding?

We DIY’d all of the signage and decor. One of my favorite elements was our seating chart. I had photos of my guests in black in white, then had the photos photoshopped into little polaroid frames. It functioned as their seating number and as a little take home gift. Most of my friends said it was one of their favorite parts!

Did you have a specific theme?

I didn’t have a specific theme. I’d say it was a little more boho/vintage style with the fonts and colors I chose.

How many guests were invited?

Two hundred guests were invited, but the actual attendance due to Covid was closer to one hundred fifteen.

Where did you save the most?

I would say on the venue. Stonehouse Ranch provided tables, chairs, etc. There was SO much included with their package.

Where did you splurge?

My dress! It was slightly above budget!

Why did you choose your venue?

As mentioned above, Stonehouse Ranch had so much included with their package. The location was great and so pretty.

Did you incorporate any special traditions or sentimental details in your ceremony or reception?

We didn’t have traditions per se, but rather a lot of small details that meant a lot to me. Our cocktail napkins had fun facts about us. I sewed handkerchiefs for my mom and mother-in-law. We had Whataburger delivered at 10:00 pm. We did an anniversary dance, our table seating, and special koozies with our logo!

What was your most stressful decision?

Honestly – to postpone or not postpone! We postponed from October 2020 to October 2021. It was insanely stressful, but in the long run, it was the best possible decision we made.

What turned out to be your best decision surrounding the big day?

We used “After the Tone” for our voicemail guest book!! I saw their information on TikTok which I would have not found had our wedding not been postponed. The extra year really gave me more time to make my wedding unique to Ryan and me.

Is there anything you would have done differently?

Probably had it a little later in October. We were all just so hot the first weekend. Also, I would have done a first look to get the photos out of the way!! We had an hour of sunshine when I did my bridesmaid photos, and I would have loved to have photos with my husband earlier as well. The weather was rainy overcast after the ceremony. 

Tell Us About

Your dress: 

My dress was a Bella Bride! I found it in December of 2019. We were able to get it tailored into my dream off the shoulder dress!

Your flowers:

Lisa Kattman did our flowers. She was a one woman show at our wedding! She made soft pink florals mixed with greenery and hung the most beautiful flower arch over our table suspended with strong fishing line. Absolutely STUNNING!

The food: 

Fancy Tex-Mex! A nacho bar has been on my list of musts since we got engaged. Royal fig was amazing and had a specific person dedicated to making sure Ryan and I had a margarita and Shiner in our hand as SOON as we started pictures. She even brought us our own little plate from the queso bar. When we were seated, we had our tacos dressed and on our plates.

The cake: 

It was a funfetti cake by Lisa!! We also had a donut bar spread from Voodoo Donuts. Ryan’s favorite dessert is donuts and this was his one non-negotiable.

Recap your big day for us:

What made you laugh?
Oh man, our vows! Not to brag, but our vows complimented each other so perfectly. Our officiate, my childhood best friend, wrote the most beautiful speech which made us laugh and cry!
What were the most memorable moments?

The most memorable thing was seeing all of our favorite people in one place. It was a dream to see my college friends, Nashville friends, friends from our time in NYC with all of our family members dancing their hearts out to It’s Raining Men.

Did anything unexpected happen?

Many things!!!! We planned for two and a half years and still had so many things come up that weren’t a part of the plan.


What’s the best advice you can give a bride and groom planning their wedding?

Do something Friday evening to welcome your guests. We did a meet and greet at Jester King  where we had plenty of space, and people came and went at their leisure! We also had a goodbye event on Sunday. We had it at Cosmic Coffee in Austin. It’s the perfect place for brunch cocktails, coffee and food trucks. Have your friends and family take as many pictures as possible! And videos!!

What did you look forward to most as Mr. & Mrs.?

I think just BEING Mr. and Mrs. We waited so so long to get married, and finally doing the dang thing has been the best part! We’re excited to move into our new house in Nashville this month. (Woo!)

Anything else you’d like to share? 

Brides, soak it up, and be as present as possible!

Wedding Vendors

Wedding Venue – Stonehouse Ranch

Wedding Planner – Lisa Kattman

Officiate -James Scully 

Photographer – Sarah E. Photography        

Caterer – Royal Fig           

Florist  – Lisa Kattman         

Cake/Dessert  – Voodoo Donuts              

Bridal Shop  – Bella Bride                          

Choice of Music

Processional – I’m With You –  Vance Joy

Bride Entrance – Acoustic Version of Here Comes the Sun – The Beatles

Recessional – This Will Be Our Year – the Zombies

First Dance – First Day of My Life  – Bright eyes

Father/Daughter – Little Miss Magic – Jimmy Buffet

Mother/Son Dance – I’ll Be There – Jackson 5

Last Dance – This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)