Amy Kaye and Reece

October 26, 2019

Tell us your love story!

How did we meet? One of my best friends from high school, Kale Slone, played on the club baseball team at Texas A&M with Reece. Kale asked me to come watch one of their club baseball games, and after the game he introduced me to the rest of the boys on the team, including Reece. I ended up becoming great friends with all of the boys on the team. Reece and I were close friends for almost two years before we started dating. We dated for one and a half years. Reece’s family had recently become members at a country club in College Station, and his mom wanted us to go to the club for a nice dinner one evening. When we got there, Reece started leading me around the side toward the back of the club which I questioned because it was very cold outside. Naturally, I started getting onto him about having no idea where he was going. Moments later, I saw a small table set up with a dozen roses and framed photos of Reece and me. Before I could process what was happening, Reece got down on one knee, pulled out the most beautiful diamond ring I had ever seen, and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. Of course I said YES! We turned around to see BOTH of our families cheering for us through a window in the restaurant. I had no idea my family was going to be there, so it was very special to be able to celebrate with both of our families. After dinner, we went back to my house where all of my best girlfriends (who live all over Texas) were waiting to surprise me! It was the icing on the cake to have my girls there to celebrate with us after such an exciting evening.

Tell us about your wedding planning process.

What did you expect it to be like?

Since I hired a full-service coordinator, I thought that she would take care of almost everything, and I wouldn’t have to do much. I wasn’t prepared for how much of the planning that other people just cannot do for you.

What was the easiest part?

The easiest part of the wedding planning process was choosing my groom!  😉

What was the most difficult part?

I’m very Type A and like to have a clear/organized plan from start to finish. Since I’ve never planned a wedding before, I didn’t ever really know what needed to be taken care of and when. I had to rely very heavily on my coordinator to guide me each step of the way. Overall, I think not knowing all the answers and having to go with the flow and trust we would cross all the T’s and dot all the I’s before the big day was stressful for me. That said, as I look back, I truly had nothing to worry about because Johnell rocks, and she made sure I was on track the whole time.

Why did you choose your venue?

The Chandelier of Gruene is a venue that I truly believe is a perfect representation of New Braunfels. I wanted our out-of-town guests to get a glimpse of New Braunfels as soon as they drove up to the venue, and there isn’t another venue in New Braunfels that even gets close to portraying our beautiful town better than The Chandelier of Gruene.

Who helped with the planning?

My mom was right by my side every step of the way. She was so patient, kind, supportive, and loving throughout the entire process. She’s an absolute angel. I couldn’t have done it without her. My sister and my bridesmaids were also very helpful!

Did you hire a wedding planner or day-of coordinator?

Yes, Johnell Hubner with Clearly Classy Events was my full-service coordinator and my saving grace!

What turned out to be your best decision for the big day?

We decided not to do a first look before the ceremony, and it is absolutely the best decision we made. There is no way to describe that moment when the doors open and you see each other for the first time. Suddenly the world stops, and it’s just you and your groom. It’s the most surreal moment. Getting to experience that moment with all your friends and family surrounding you is pretty incredible. Plus, what guest doesn’t love watching a groom get choked up when he finally gets to see his bride for the first time?

What do you wish you would have done differently?

I wish I would’ve made a photography shot list to give my photographer so that she knew what moments I wanted captured most that day.
What were your wedding colors?

Our wedding colors were navy, sage, blush and rose gold.

Tell us about your dress.

My dress was a Megan Markle inspired ball gown designed by the fabulous Hayley Paige. I had the opportunity to go to Kleinfeld in New York to shop for my wedding dress, and it was the most amazing experience. My dress was an ivory labyrinth caviar ball gown with a scalloped sweetheart neckline, spaghetti straps and ivory net side cut out. My favorite part was the skirt! It had a full cascading caviar and tulle skirt with a cashmere lining that really enhanced the dimension of the skirt. I felt like the dress was made just for me!

Tell us about your cakes.

It’s no secret in this town, no matter the occasion, Kami Besson is it when it comes to cakes. I’ve eaten way too many servings of Kami’s cakes over the years, and she never disappoints. Hands down, the most delicious cake you will ever eat. Not to mention, she will blow your mind with her cake designs. She designed the most amazing 5-tiered bride’s cake with different designs on each tier and our monogram in the center. The bride’s cake had 3 tiers of pink champagne flavor and 2 tiers of snickerdoodle flavor. Both were incredible. Reece is a huge Astros fan, so for the groom’s cake Kami was able to incorporate that by designing a cake that resembles the 2017 World Series Championship trophy!

Recap your big day for us!

What were the most memorable moments?

While there are countless moments that made our day so special, there are two that stick out in my mind. The first happened 30 minutes before the ceremony when Reece and I read each other letters we had written for one another. We couldn’t see each other, but I did get to hold his hand and hear his voice. Before that moment I was feeling pretty anxious. We hadn’t communicated in any way since we had left the rehearsal dinner the night before and I was just ready to see him! The second I held his hand, I could breathe again, and all my anxiousness fell away. It was exactly what I needed.

Ever since I was a little girl, the song Cinderella by Stephen Curtis Chapman has been my dad’s and my special song. We’ve been dancing in the kitchen to that song for as long as I can remember. It was no question that we would dance to it at my wedding. However, my dad had something even better in mind. During the months leading up to the wedding, my dad went to a professional recording studio and recorded himself singing Cinderella for us to dance to at the wedding. It was a moment I will never forget and a gift I will cherish forever.

What unexpected things happened for which you had not planned?

We had a couple of hiccups on the day of the wedding, but nothing could ruin our day! First, one of my bridesmaids woke up with a stomach virus the night before the wedding. Luckily, my girls are pretty amazing. She told me not to worry, and she took a nap, drank some fluids and powered through the rest of the day without saying another word about it! Another one of my bridesmaids had to get sewn into her dress by my coordinator because the zipper broke. This is just one of the many examples where my coordinator, Johnell, saved the day. A couple of hours later she saved the day again, about an hour before the ceremony when we were taking pictures. I lifted my arms to hug one of my bridesmaids when suddenly I felt my shoulder strap pop! That’s right. The thin spaghetti strap responsible for holding up a whole lot of dress broke right in half. It didn’t just break, it broke in the worst possible place for a strap to break. Right in the middle. One hour before the ceremony! EVERYONE REMAIN CALM. Within 10 minutes, Johnell had whipped out a sewing kit, and my strap was good as new! Needless to say, I highly recommend hiring a coordinator. Specifically, Johnell Hubner is a great choice!

What’s the best advice you can give a bride and groom planning their wedding?

Don’t sweat the small stuff. There were so many little details that I put a lot of thought into and wanted to be a certain way, but when the day came, I could not have cared less about those things.

What did you look forward to most as Mr. & Mrs.?

Honeymooning in Hawaii! I was also very excited for the planning to come to an end and to finally begin our lives together!

Local Vendors used


Venue The Chandelier of Gruene
Officiant Rusty Rice – Oakwood Church
Photographer Luxe Photography
Caterer Rosemary’s Catering
Florist The Bloom Bar
Cake/Dessert Serendipity Cakes
Invitations Marti Ridings Design
Jewelry Ernestos Jewelry




The soundtrack for our wedding day

Processional A Thousand Years  Christina Perri
Bride Entrance  I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You by Elvis Presley
Recessional Love Story  Taylor Swift
First Dance She Thinks She Needs Me by Andy Griggs
Father/Daughter Dance  Cinderella  Recorded in advance by the Father of the Bride
Mother/Son Dance Forever Young Rendition performed by the JEBC Band

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