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Each month New Braunfels Wedding Guide features a new bride to share her love story, wedding preparations, and details of her magical day.

We hope that they spark inspiration for your wedding, and give you confidence that even if things don’t go exactly as planned, the thing that matters most is the love you share with the people you’ve surrounded yourself with – family, friends, and of course your new spouse! 

To help you plan your magical day – the local way! – each featured bride page includes a list of all the local vendors the featured bride and her groom used to create the wedding of their dreams.

Click to read their stories!

 2021 December Featured Bride

“On our wedding day, I gave Christoph a day-of wedding gift box which included a new watch with the engraving “From This Moment On” and our wedding date.”

2021 November Featured Bride

“Goodwin, I love that you remind me everyday how much you love me and how excited you are for our life and future together.”


2021 October Featured Bride

“RJ and I met on a mission trip halfway across the world!”

2021 September Featured Bride

“I have always thought our love story non-traditional and a bit funny!”

2021 August’s Featured Bride

“Ours is an unusual story. We met at his family’s Thanksgiving 2017.”


2021 June’s Featured Bride

“We met at a bar called Salvation Taco in New York City thanks to Bumble! It is a modern day love story!”

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