Unique Ideas to Make Your Wedding Unforgettable


by Rachel Harris

Photography by Firefly Photography

Over the years we’ve worked with countless brides, creating one-of-a-kind weddings. They each stand out in their own special way. Many brides fear a boring, lackluster wedding. You want to create a day you and your guests will remember forever. 

Trends become overused, traditions feel outdated, and Pintrest is overwhelming. Relax! We’ve compiled a list of 10 unique ideas to make your wedding day unforgettable. 

The first thing to remember is to stay true to yourself. You and your partner are unique all on your own. Boring weddings are the result of trying to force something that doesn’t make sense for your personality. 

So get ready to think outside the box, get creative, and let yourself have fun!

1. Surprising Entrance

Make a grand first impression! An unforgettable entrance is not limited to the bride. Show the groom’s personality as he makes his entrance prior to taking his place at the end of the aisle. 

Is the groom a dancer? Show off some fun moves. Is he a runner? Let him put on his track shoes and run down the aisle. What about a bicycle or motorcycle? Be sure to get the venue’s permission of course! Don’t be afraid to try something fun or unexpected.

Horse-drawn carriages, classic cars, and horses can punctuate the bride’s entrance. Explore non-traditional ways of walking down the aisle if they fit your personality and belief systems. 

Photography by Zach Brigham Photography

A simple adjustment to the music played during your entrance can be an impactful way to showcase your personality. Music is a powerful communicator of emotions; it should be deeply personal. Don’t be afraid to ditch Pachelbel’s Canon. Play a song meaningful to you. 

2. Never Before Seen Seating Arrangement

Remember to consider your guest’s view and perspective during your wedding. Think of where you will be standing during the ceremony. Can they see what’s happening clearly? Can they hear your speeches and vows? Does anything block their view?

Adjusting the seating from a traditional row formation to a semi-circle can offer a more intimate feel with a better view and better acoustics. With a small wedding, you could even consider positioning guests in a full circle around you.

Another option is to leave seats in the front row reserved for your wedding party so they can sit down during the ceremony. This allows them a better chance to see what’s happening and keeps them from becoming a distraction to your guests. This arrangement would also be the perfect setting for intimate pictures.

3. Stand Out With a Custom Crest

Create a high-end feel to your wedding by designing a custom crest or monogram. This crest or monogram can be applied to typical print items like invitations, napkins, and seating charts. 

Your personalized monogram can be used in a more unique way by adding it to food, floating on cocktails, or projected onto the dance floor. It’s an elevated, unexpected detail. 

4. Best Ever Music Set-list

You want to throw an epic party at your wedding. A reception people will be talking about for years to come. After all, this is a celebration of the best day of your life.

Music and dancing are huge contributors to the party atmosphere. You will want music liked by you and your partner, but don’t leave-out the likes of your guests. Especially if you want a full dance floor.

When mailing invites, include a question on the RSVP card. Ask your guest “Name one song you promise to dance to when it’s played at our wedding.” This information will help inform your set-list and gets your guests looking forward to hearing their song played. Plus, if one person enjoys it, chances are others will too. 

5. Awesome Experiences

Some people are not comfortable dancing, no matter how great the music is. To keep these people engaged and entertained, plan simple games, experiences, or activities. 

Photo booths are always a huge hit. Your wedding guests got all dressed up, let them show-off! Include large foam cut outs of the bride and groom to use in their photos. The cut-outs can be funny, serious, cute, or all the above. This takes a little pressure off you from trying to be everywhere at once. Guests will get a kick out of getting creative with your cut-outs.

Homestead Photo Booth, B Turner Photography

For an outdoor wedding, include lawn games like corn-hole, giant jenga, or smores. For an indoor wedding, set up easy table games like connect four, checkers, or a peg game (think Cracker Barrel).

More trendy ideas include temporary tattoos or a caricature artist.

There’s a fine line between consideration for those who do not dance and offering distractions for guests who would otherwise be on the dance floor. Find the balance that works for you. 

6. Unique Cake Alternatives

Some people are not a big fan of cake, especially wedding cake. I know, crazy, but true. While you may want to keep the traditional cake cutting experience, you can take a unique spin on it. Do you and your partner have a favorite dessert or breakfast food? How special would it be to cut into a tower of pancakes?! 

Or maybe you want to ditch cake altogether. You could use a chocolate fountain with dippable goodies. Fruit, marshmallows, small cake pieces, and pretzels are all fun ideas. A tower of cookies or other desserts could also take the place of a traditional cake. 

The visual appeal and “tastiness” is what’s most important. 

7. Unforgettable Food Options

A formal, sit-down dinner may not feel like the best representation of your unique personality. Good news, there are countless fun, quirky ways to serve food your guests love in a way they won’t forget. 

Set up a “build your own *insert here*” bar. Let wedding guests build their own hamburgers, tacos, or baked potatoes. If that’s too casual for your tastes, you could set up an elegant buffet. Each dish can have unique presentations or individual serving portions. 

This idea works for an entertainment idea as well. Let guests craft their own ice cream sundae, decorate cupcakes, or personalized popcorn bowls (I like jalapeños or junior mints in mine). 

Food trucks are a surprising way to bring amazing food to your guests. Food trucks aren’t ideal for a main course due to possible long lines. But for cocktail hour or late-night snacks, they’re perfect! Chicken and waffles or a gyro sound amazing after a long night of drinks and dancing. 

Southern Tapsters, Photography by Jess Crozier Photography

8. Off-Beat Celebrations

Your wedding guests are there to celebrate YOU. Be intentional about giving them more of you in a way that isn’t exhausting. Weddings are stressful enough without adding to the stress. Take this opportunity to have fun. 

Engage your guests by putting together an awards ceremony for them! The more animated and creative you get with this idea, the more fun it can be. Think of your senior class in high school meets the Academy Awards.

An awards ceremony should be a healthy dose of funny and personal, mixed with genuine appreciation. Award ideas include best dressed, most supportive, most likely to over drink, most likely to steal the show. Don’t forget to honor guests who have been close to you through life and guests who’ve meant a lot to you as a couple. 

Play the “Shoely Wed Game”. For this game, you and your new spouse each sit in a chair, back to back. You each hold one of your own shoes and one of your partner’s shoes. Have your friend, DJ, or MC ask a series of questions. The answer to the questions will be either you or your spouse. You each raise the shoe associated with the correct answer. 

Questions would look like:

  • “Who’s most likely to say I’m sorry first”
  • “Who’s the better driver”
  • “Who cleans more”

It’s simple, fun, and keeps your guests entertained. 

9. Memorable Time Capsule

Guest books can be very hit or miss. Guests don’t always remember to sign them or even want to sign them in the first place. Wedding guests are often unsure of what to say on such an important day. Many couples don’t know what to do with the guest book after the wedding. 

A time capsule box or can is a great solution to this problem. In your wedding invitation, you can ask guests  to bring a small token, note, picture, or memorabilia. These items get added to your anniversary time capsule, then opened on the anniversary of your choice. Ideally on your first wedding anniversary. 

This option is thoughtful for you and your guests.  It’s also a great way to  continue the celebration a year later.

10. Wow-Worthy Send-off

Controversy surrounds the wedding day send-off. Rice is fatal to birds, balloons are bad for the environment, sparklers are a fire hazard, and confetti is a huge mess. Many weddings end at night – you and your photographer need to consider lighting needs for amazing photos.

Glow sticks are an answer to all these problems. Assign a small team of helpers to snap glow sticks and hand them out to your guests. Guests can wave them in the air, create an arch for you to walk through, or wear them as jewelry. Pro tip: make sure you have enough to hand out multiples to each person. 

Glow sticks are easy to clean up at the end of the night because you can see exactly where they are. The results in the pictures are stunning! Last but not least, you don’t need to worry about killing any cute birds or sea turtles.

YOU are unique

No matter what you do on your wedding day, make it personal. The more reflective it is of your personality, the more unforgettable it will be. Everyone attending your wedding already loves you and wants to celebrate you. Let them see more of you!
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