Cody’s: Experience the Difference


Written by Rachel Harris

Personality Shines

Looking for a hip new restaurant spot to call your own? Let me introduce you to Cody’s Restaurant Bar and Patio in New Braunfels! Fine dining meets custom cocktails and a generous dose of smooth charm. 

Owners Cody Couch and Jon Smartty have created a dynamic energy and vibe with an old-timey feel. Imagine Cheers, where everyone knows your name (and genuinely cares about YOU). Now add an enticing fusion cuisine, wrapped in a velvet blanket of eclectic music.

Cody’s is confidently unassuming, like your favorite pair of dressy blue jeans. Special enough to be worn to a cocktail event, but comfortable enough to avoid pretentiousness. Mid Century – Modern décor, lively music, and American-Japanese cuisine come together in perfect harmony, promising an experience to remember. 

Set Apart

Simple preparations allow top grade ingredients to speak for themselves. Chef Jon takes his time, masterfully orchestrating new dishes with purposeful, supporting ingredients like citrus, basil, and ginger. 

You can get first crack at these new dishes during the Chef’s tasting. Discover exciting flavors, textures, and presentations. You can attend these Chef’s tasting in San Marcos the last Sunday of every month. The 5-7 course meal is sure to tantalize your taste buds.

This intimate tasting experience allows you to directly impact the menu at Cody’s. Jon uses feedback from these Chef’s tasting sessions to make improvements to the customer experience.

Owners Cody and Jon have been perfecting their craft together since 2012. Cody is a lovable mad-scientist, determined to create a drink menu with something for everyone. He looks for quality spirits, then artfully adds complementary herbs, spices, or fruits.

One of Cody’s personal favorites is a drink called the Spaghetti Western, containing Noble oak double rye, amaro montenegro, lillet blanc, and chocolate bitters. If you’re craving something fresh and fruity, the Strawberry Letter is a blend of Reyka Vodka, lime juice, mint, and strawberry. 

Cody consults with Jon to ensure cohesion between the bar and the kitchen. He takes his time experimenting with flavors and aromas to develop cocktails you’ll rave about for days.

Where it Started

Cody and Jon opened Cody’s Bistro and Lounge in San Marcos in 2012. Cody is passionate about music and food. He understands the importance of WHERE and HOW food is consumed. This mindset runs through every detail of both locations. 

Memorable meals are consumed with all our senses. 

Dim lighting limits distractions as you savor your food and drinks. The mix of jazz and rap music accentuates the smooth buttery sauces and spicy peppered meats. Craft cocktails ignite your imagination, leaving you feeling inspired. 

Cody and Jon want to stay far away from the “corporate feel” associated with many restaurants these days. The goal is warm and welcoming with their own personal flare. They cut out the distracting frills, focusing on amazing food, inviting atmosphere, and quality service. 

Customers are delighted to find Cody working the bar and leading service or Jon stepping out of the kitchen to hear feedback from guests. They are very hands-on as owners. Their passion and discipline shine through every thoughtful detail. 

Bringing Fresh Flavor to New Braunfels

Chef Jon is dedicated to authentically representing his ingredients. He starts with locally sourced meats from trusted vendors. For instance, Lone Star meats in Austin, Groomer’s seafood in San Antonio, and Ocean Waves in Houston for tuna. From there, he lets the meat do the talking. 

Jon is so committed to clean and thoughtful food that he has two tartare dishes on the menu. One is yellowfin tuna tartare with avocado, melon, onion, lemon, cilantro, and ginger soy. The other is a filet mignon tartare with remoulade, grape tomatoes, cornichon, and quail egg yolk.

Jon has found a sweet-spot where limited preparations mean the ingredients are allowed to shine. He has taken a step away from the norm by dry aging meat himself instead of allowing others to prepare it. The results are out of this world.

Jon’s personal favorite dishes are the dry-aged prime Beeman Ranch Wagyu ribeye and the Atlantic sea scallops. He’s not the only one. This Yelp customer said “I’ve never had scallops so perfectly done- they were like butter.”

Customers are wowed by the beef Wellington. In case you didn’t know, beef Wellington is a beef tenderloin, coated with onions, mushrooms, and liver (duck or chicken), then wrapped in puff pastry. When done correctly, as it is at Cody’s, Beef Wellington is full of flavor, juicy, and buttery. It’s a fan favorite at Cody’s and Wellington lovers appreciate Jon’s time, effort, and presentation.

Event Space

Cody’s New Braunfels location boasts an event room called the Longhorn Room. The Longhorn Room is specifically designed for special occasions. It will accommodate 52-58 people. A dedicated kitchen and 40 square foot outdoor patio make this space perfect for an engagement party or rehearsal dinner.


As an added bonus, they do not charge a cake cutting fee! Can you believe some places charge you $2 or more per person just to cut and serve a cake?!  Cody is serious about eliminating frivolous charges, wanting to focus instead on giving you a memorable event. 

Continuing with the theme of offering an experience to remember, Cody’s will create custom drinks for your special event. You can craft his and her cocktails for that extra personal touch. 

Do you already have a location picked out elsewhere? Not to fear, you can still have access to Cody’s Restaurant’s mouth-watering menu through their catering services. They are available to cater for up to 120 people.

Rave Reviews

Their hard work and attention to detail has earned them rave reviews and a cult-like following. A search through their Yelp reviews gave me renewed hope for humanity. Many people only use Yelp to sling mud or blow-off steam. Posters think they’re a keyboard warrior, slashing, cutting, and insulting every small detail. But Cody’s Restaurant Bar and Patio was full of praise, adoration, and satisfaction. It read like a love story, not a war drama.

See for yourself. One woman said “The food was so unique and delicious. Everything we ordered was incredible. We ended our meal with the carrot cheesecake…such a unique way to do this with bourbon ice cream. The cheesecake was topped with a drizzle of caramel and sprinkled with bacon. Bomb. Taste explosion. This is a must try.”

This man looked extra good after making reservations at Cody’s to treat his wife on their anniversary: “Great customer service. I made a reservation there for our 32 year anniversary and in passing mentioned why I was making the reservation and they had a card waiting! My wife was impressed and I looked like I made preparations for our night out. Great food, Great atmosphere, Great experience. Thank you for a great event!” 

My favorite review said “Cody’s is like a mirage come to life that is yummy and with great service. Highly recommend even for the most discriminating foodie. Bathrooms 5 starts too.” I don’t think I’ve every read a restaurant review where a guest complimented the bathroom; impressive!

Multiple customers appreciated getting one-on-one attention from Cody as he spends his time on site. The personal touches and investment in their guests is a warm exception to a cold industry. 

We’ll Save You a Seat

Have you noticed NO ONE takes reservations anymore?! Or if they do take reservations, you end up waiting for an hour for your table anyway. It’s so frustrating. Well, not to worry, Cody’s will honor reservations! 

They know how hard you work to plan and prepare special occasions and they’re honored to be a part of your memories. They hold your reservations in advance to ensure they’re ready for you when you arrive. 

Whether you’re planning a major event like your wedding or engagement party, or you want a meal out somewhere with amazing food and atmosphere, Cody’s Restaurant Bar and Patio is the place for you.

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