Amy and Josh

July 18, 2021

Tell us your love story!

How did you meet?

I have always thought our love story non-traditional and a bit funny! Josh and I first met at Jackson Middle School in San Antonio, Texas, but had very little interaction. I actually thought that he and his twin brother were kind of scary because I couldn’t tell them apart. We ended up going to the same high school where we had classes together and finally became friends. During our sophomore year Josh asked me to be his girlfriend, and I said yes! Unfortunately, like many high school relationships, it didn’t last and we broke it off after just one month. After a while, Josh forgave me and we became friends again. We remained just friends (although I did have a crush on him) all throughout high school and even into college. Our Senior year of college we met back up in San Antonio (I had been at A&M and Josh was at The Air Force Academy in Colorado) and Josh’s friends were adamant that he ask me out. He thought there was no way I would say yes and I thought there was no way he would ask! Obviously, we were both wrong and our first date went off without a hitch. We’ve been together ever since.

How did you know he was “The One”?

Since Josh and I had known each other so long beforehand, I kind of felt like either it was going to work and we were going to get married or I would lose one of my best friends trying. So honestly I went into it hoping that he was “The One.” However, one moment that really sticks out was while finishing up our senior years of college. On Valentine’s Day I received a large package in the mail. There were three boxes inside. When I opened the letter on top, it said that he had sent one box for me, but the other two were for my roommates who were not dating anyone at the time. He wanted them to feel special, too. It made me realize how much he cared for the people I cared about and just how big his heart was. It was such a sweet moment!

How did he propose?

Josh’s proposal was a serious shock. He hid the proposal so well that I had no idea it was coming. Even the day before he proposed, he told me that he didn’t think we should get engaged for another 2 years! At this point Josh and I were living in Los Angeles but had come home for Christmas. He came over to my parent’s house to pick me up before going over to his family’s Christmas gathering. When he got to my house, he had a journal that he said his Mom had given him, and he had written me a letter in it. A little back story, we wrote letters back and forth to each other all the time when we were dating long distance but obviously hadn’t needed to in awhile since we were living together in LA. So I sat down and began reading this letter that recapped all of the big things we had achieved together since we started dating, and then went into everything he hoped for our future. I turned to the next page and he had written, “Will you marry me?” I looked up and he was down on one knee with a ring. Now, almost three years later, we used that same journal to write our vows for the wedding.

Tell us about your wedding planning process.

What planning tools did you use?

The main tool I used was Zola. I felt like it helped me keep things pretty organized. I was able to have guest lists, RSVP, the registry, and the seating chart all in one space. I also used The Knot for initially looking up vendors, and I used their wedding checklist to help me keep track of what items needed to be completed. One other website I thought was helpful was called Social Tables which I used to design the floor plan for the venue.

Who helped with the planning?

Bev Mahnke from Jupiter Hill Creative on New Braunfels Wedding Guide was my wedding planner and coordinator. She was honestly the best thing that happened to us for planning! She is the sweetest, most organized, and calming person. Wedding planning was really stressful for me, especially since we had to do it twice (We were snowed under for out original wedding date and had to cancel.) but every time I left a meeting with Bev, I felt like we were right on track, and had a clear picture of what needed to still be done. She has so many connections and helped get us in touch with many of our vendors who we absolutely loved. Bev also helped set everything up at the venue and made my vision come to life. I could not recommend her more!


Did you hire a planner or day-of coordinator?

Bev was crucial as part of the day of coordination. The Milestone New Braunfels also included a day-of-coordinator as part of our package. We met with this person about 1 month in advance and discussed our timeline and how they would help us on the day of our wedding.


Did you DIY any aspect of your wedding?

I purchased a lot of the decorations on my own through some Facebook wedding groups and then shopped around at places like Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, Etsy, and Amazon. Additionally, we created a few signs on our own using chalkboard markers and decorative chalkboards we found at Hobby Lobby.

Why did you choose your venue?

I liked that Legacy Hall at the Milestone was a rustic hill country venue that had been updated to look more modern with a lot of white and black, our colors. I also loved its huge windows. They had a lot of additional services like catering, day-of-coordinator, and bartending which meant that we had fewer vendors to find.

Did you have a specific theme?

I didn’t have a specific theme, but I knew that I wanted a lot of candles complimented with greenery. My colors were black, ivory, and burgundy with gold accents.

How many guests were invited?

We invited about 200 guests and ended up having around 130 people attend.

Where did you save the most?

Sticking to a budget was a huge priority for me, so I did a lot of research to save wherever we could. Most of our savings were from me collecting our decorations from a variety of places and reselling them. It also helped to only use greenery on the guests’ tables and building our own bar by bringing in our own alcohol instead of buying a package because we could return anything that didn’t get used.

Where did you splurge?

Our big splurge was having a live band instead of a DJ. This was one of the most important things to us because we wanted to have a huge party and get everyone dancing. It made the day extra memorable for us and our guests are still raving about the band. We also splurged on our choice of photographer and videographer because we wanted to always have these things as a memento of our special day.

Did you incorporate any special traditions or sentimental details in your ceremony or  reception?

For our ceremony I had both of my brothers walk my Mom down the aisle and then stand next to me as part of my bridal party. We did the Cord of Three Strands, also known as a Unity Braid while our pianist played in the background. For our reception, we had our memory table not only represent loved ones who have passed but as memories of us and our families. We had pictures of Josh and me at different stages of our lives, as well as our parents and grandparents wedding pictures. It was really fun to see. Additionally, we had polaroid cameras out for our guest book, and everyone was able to leave a picture and note for us and take some photos home with them. Finally, we did a private last dance where our band asked everyone to go set up for the sparkler send off, and the band played a song just for us. We were able to look around and soak everything up before ending the night.

What was your most stressful decision?

All of the little decisions were the most difficult for me, such as whether or not to do a first look, if we should write our own vows, what songs to dance to, and how to arrange seating charts.

What turned out to be your best decision surrounding the big day?

Probably having the live band was one of our best decisions. They made everything so fun and set the tone for the ceremony and reception. Also, staying in the cabins at Old Mill Resort because we were able to have all of our family and bridal party staying in one space. This made the whole weekend really fun and allowed us to have an afterparty. Since Old Mill Resort is so close to Gruene, our guests really enjoyed walking around town and the whole bridal party went tubing together down the Comal River.



Is there anything you would have done differently?

Honestly, there is nothing I would have done differently except to go back and tell myself not to worry so much because everything will be worth it in the end.

Tell us about 

Your dress:

I went to Celebrations Bridal and Prom in New Braunfels after it had been recommended to me several times. I worked with Suzanne and she helped me find the dress really quickly even though it was nothing like what I thought I wanted. My biggest advice here is to go in with an open mind and be vocal about what you like and don’t like about each dress you try on so that you can narrow down your search. The dress is by Stella York, and I was obsessed with it. I went to a few other places afterwards but kept comparing all of the stores and dresses to my dress at Celebrations. I loved that it was a mix of being form fitting while still having the tulle that you might have in a ballgown.

Your flowers: 

William at Uptown flowers and my wedding planner Bev were really the visionaries. I had no idea what I wanted other than greenery so they took over, and I absolutely loved their arrangements. They took my color scheme with ivory and burgundy and used it to create some really beautiful and unique designs.

The food:

One of Josh’s few requests was that we have BBQ for the wedding. We tried a few restaurants and catering services but found that going with The Milestone was going to give us the most bang for our buck. 

The cake:

Our family friend Sheila made the most delicious cakes for us. We had German Chocolate and Tres Leches. We didn’t want to have a formal cake cutting so we went with less traditional wedding cakes and were so happy we did. Cakes by Sheila are hands down the most flavorful, moist, decadent, and beautiful cakes! She is also so fun and easy going which we loved.


Recap your big day for us.

What made you laugh?

Josh and I love to play pranks on each other, so one of the first decisions I made while wedding planning was to ask one of his friends to wear a dress and do a fake first look. I’m horrible at keeping surprises, but I’m so glad it worked because it had everyone cracking up and they are some of my favorite photos from the day. Somehow the wedding dress our friend Clay bought online fit him very nicely which made it even funnier!



What made you cry?

We decided to read our personal vows only to each other as part of our first look and use the traditional vows for the ceremony. It made the moment very intimate and hearing him read his vows just to me before all of the craziness of the wedding definitely got me emotional. Also, once I got down the stairs and saw all of my loved ones as I was walking down the aisle made everything feel so real. That was a really emotional moment too.

What were the most memorable moments?

There were a few very memorable moments! Watching the fake first look through the window and the look of shock on Josh’s face when he turned around and saw his friend in a wedding dress. Having our real first look and reading our vows to each other that we had written in the journal Josh proposed with. Another moment was when the band brought us onto the stage with them, and we got to see all of our friends dancing and singing along with us. It was all so special!

Did anything unexpected happen?

Well, the first unexpected thing was that our wedding was originally scheduled for February, but the snow day shut down all of the roads to the venue. We ended up stranded in New Braunfels for a couple of days and had to postpone the wedding entirely. However, once the wedding actually happened the only thing that really stands out was that our driver didn’t show up for the send off, and then our backup driver didn’t show up either! We were confused when our photographer had us run up and down the sparkler tunnel a couple of times, and then he finally said, “Ok, there’s no car for you here”. We turned around to our guests and asked if anyone had space for us in their cars. We ended up staying to help clean up and then driving ourselves plus some of our bridal party back to the cabins where we were staying. We thought it all pretty funny.

What is the best advice you can give a bride and groom planning their wedding?

Pick two or three things that matter to you the most and invest your time and money on that. Also, try to remember that most people won’t leave remembering all of the little details that you put into it but will remember the atmosphere. So remember to have fun, take the time to enjoy your guests, and relax. This is YOUR day! Also, look into buying event insurance. With COVID and weather changes we were wishing we had purchased it the first time around.

Local Vendors used





Venue Legacy Hall at Milestone New Braunfels
Photographer Love is Red
Florals Uptown Flowers
Bridal Attire Celebrations Bridal and Prom
Wedding Decor Uptown Flowers
Wedding Coordinator Jupiterhill Creative Design
Caterer Milestone Catering
Videography Infinity Weddings




The soundtrack for our wedding day


Processional You Are the Reason Calum Scott 
Presentation of the Bride Can’t Help Falling in Love Haley Reinhart
Recessional Million Dreams
 Greatest Showman
First Dance Only You Can Love Me this Way Keith Urban
Father/Daughter Dance My Wish Rascal Flatts
Mother/Son Dance Wat a Wonderful World Louis Armstrong
Last Dance I Wanna DanceWith Somebody Whittney Houston

     Private Dance                                                    Blessed                                       Thomas Rhett




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