Photgraphy by Texas Elopement Photography


Looking for the “Just Us” experience?  More and more couples are considering an elopement rather than a traditional wedding.


“As millennials age, they are waiting longer to get married than previous generations. Wikipedia states further that 91% of millennials who are planning on future marriage would consider eloping, and three out of five previously married millennials would elope if they had to do it all over again.


Some view elopement as an intentionally small and intimate wedding experience which allows more emphasis to be placed on the commitment between the couple. Eloping is an opportunity for two people to craft an authentic true-to-them experience that aligns with their ethics and supports their future goals, rather than focus on traditions they may not identify with. 


Though elopements are thought of as just being the couple and officiant, modern elopements often include close family and friends. Most professionals in the elopement industry view anything under 25 attendees as an elopement.” 


Texas Elopement Photography will refer you to the hill country destination best suited to your special plans for the day or weekend as well as to any local wedding vendors you might need on your special day. They will capture the images that perfectly reflect your unique love story and your intimate wedding day experience!


Texas offers a vast array of elopement options! As an experienced and trusted media advisor, Texas Elopement Photography is committed to beautifully documenting your story ensuring the best elopement experience Texas has to offer!


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