It’s finally here…..your wedding day!!!  You’ve planned and anticipated this day for such a long time, and it’s absolutely perfect. Then, something happens; pre-wedding jitters give you a tummy ache, you get makeup on your beautiful white dress, you have sweat running down your face, your phone is about to die, a button comes off your dress, or worse, your dress tears. Unfortunately, mishaps always seem to happen at the most inopportune time.

On your big day, even the most minor mishap could potentially yank you out of your excitement and send you spiraling into a state of pre-wedding panic. To help you avoid this, we’ve created a emergency kit checklist to help you prepare for any wedding day emergencies that may come up! Give this emergency kit list to your maid of honor and your groom’s best man, so you can be prepared for anything that may come up unexpectedly!

Download the checklist here>> Your-Emergency-Wedding-Day-Kit-Checklist


Phone chargers


Bottled water

High Protein snacks (nuts, granola bars, etc.)

Paper towels

Lint Roller

Static guard

Baby wipes

White chalk for wedding dress mishaps


Mini sewing kit


Clear tape

Safety pins

Medicine for headache and stomach issues

Extra sandals


Oil absorbing sheets

Lip color

Make up remover

Bobby pins

Hair Spray

Baby powder or dry shampoo


Toothpaste/mouthwash/dental floss

Solution for/case for/extra pair of contact lenses


Nail file




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