Kellsye and Kennon

October 12, 2019

Tell us your love story!

How We Met

Kennon and I went to high school together. Even though he was a year above me, I knew him from our mutual friends, but he had no idea I existed! One time I even tried to say hi to him as we crossed paths in the hallway, and he completely ignored me! He will tell you that he never would have done that. He would also say that if a girl did speak to him, he was so shy he didn’t know what to do!

How Did You Know He Was the One?

I could picture myself with Kennon in different seasons of life, a life we would share together. I never could picture that with anyone else. The same was true for Kennon.  He thought he was going to be a bachelor forever and never imagined he would find anyone special. 

How Did He Propose?

I had planned a family trip to Franklin Nature Preserve in Franklin, Texas. I’ve always wanted to go because they have a viewing deck where you can see drafts and take awesome pictures with them. I asked Kennon‘s and my family to go one weekend. Kennon decided that was the perfect time while everyone was together to propose. I was holding his two-year-old niece while we were feeding the giraffes and was frantically asking Kennon for more lettuce. The next thing I knew he was down on one knee! 

Tell us about your wedding planning process.

Who helped with the planning? 

Kennon and I researched local wedding vendors and planned the wedding ourselves! The only exception was the cake. Kennon’s mom took on that task.


Did you hire a planner or day of coordinator? 

When we booked the wedding venue, Carey, the venue’s day of coordinator, was included with the package. She was amazing.

Why did you choose your venue?

When Kennon and I visited Gruene Estate, we both were so happy!  We could see ourselves having an amazing time and could picture all of our friends and family there. It is just such a beautiful venue and would accommodate every weather condition.

 What were your wedding colors? 

The bridesmaids wore different shades of champagne and tan while the groomsmen wore gray suits with different shades of champagne with tan ties.


What about your flowers?

My bouquet was a mix of greenery, simple white flowers, and succulents.  The bridesmaids’ flowers were arranged in the same manner.


Did you have a specific theme?

We didn’t have a specific theme, but we did want to keep the wedding decorations neutral, simple, and very earthy. We felt it complimented the beautiful wooden farm tables at the reception and the fields of hay in the background. Since we did get married in the fall, we displayed white pumpkins on the tables. They were also used in the area where our guest could have pictures made using the frame we hung from a tree.


Did you incorporate any special tradition or sentimental details in your ceremony or reception? 

We had a sign mentioning our loved ones who are in heaven. We wanted their remembrance with us on our special day. Their pictures were displayed next to the sign.


Did you DIY any aspect of your wedding? 

My brother-in-law built us a huge picture frame so we could have our own photo booth at the wedding. My sister-in-law put our names on the frame and decorated it with greenery and white pumpkins. On our big day they hung it from a tree and put photo props next to it! It was very cute!


Where did you save the most?

We saved a lot of money on not going crazy with the invitations, save the dates or having a photographer take engagement pictures or bridal pictures. I felt like we could do without those things and the money could be used elsewhere.


Where did you splurge? 

We splurged on the wedding venue and the greenery for the big day because we felt looking back that’s what we would remember the most. 

Recap your big day for us!

What turned out to be your best decision surrounding the big day?

I didn’t have to make any decisions regarding the placement of decor for the day.  I let the florist, family and friends decide where they thought all of the flowers and decor would look best at the wedding venue and reception site. Not having to make those decisions made the day peaceful, and it allowed the time for me to enjoy my bridesmaids. 

What was your most stressful decision?

Selecting a wedding photographer was pretty stressful only because you don’t know what you’re buying until you get the pictures back.  All you can do is hope that you made the right choice with the photographer you hired. Thankfully, I love the way my wedding photos came out, and I will always cherish them.

What was you inspiration while planning your wedding?

I love plants, so I knew I wanted a lot of greenery more so than flowers. Gruene Estate is already so beautiful, I found little additions were needed.  Just adding a couple of flowers here and there with greenery on the tables was enough for me.

Tell us about your dress.

I chose a dress without a long train because I wanted to be able to walk and more importantly dance freely. My dress was made up of lace around the chest with an open back which I loved. It had a champagne color lining under the white lace. I liked the color tone of the white better than the bright white of a more traditional wedding dress.

What did you choose to serve?

One of our family members is friends with Brett who owns Brett’s’s Backyard Barbecue in Rockdale, Texas. We dropped by his food truck one day and fell in love with his barbecue!  While talking to Brett we found out he did weddings! 

What about your cake?

Kennon’s mother found Cakes by Lizzie in New Braunfels, so we did a cake testing there. I knew I wanted a lot of flavors for the cake and cupcakes we had at the reception because I love dessert as well as having options.

What did you look forward to most as Mr. and Mrs.?

Kennon was really excited for me to change my last name to his. He also really enjoys using any chance he can to call me his wife, whether he’s introducing me to a co-worker or talking about me to someone at the grocery store. 

What’s the best advice you can give a bride and groom planning their wedding?

I would say the best advice would be to take time to get quotes from different vendors to stay within the budget.  Also, make your wedding your own by eliminating items that are traditionally in weddings but are not budget friendly.  If there’s anything you can make yourself, like your own photo booth, it will not only save money but also create memories.

Local Vendors used


Venue Gruene Estate
Officiant Uncle Albert
Photographer Beth Lodge Photography
Florist HEB in Gruene
Cake/Dessert Cakes by Lizzie
Hair Stylist Benjamin Allen Hair Salon and Spa
Rentals Gruene Estate
Videography Wildflower Cinema




The soundtrack for our wedding day


Processional Celab and Kelsey Worship YouTube
Bride Entrance  Falling in Love With You Hayley Reinhart
Recessional  Some of Your Love  Whiskey Meyers
First Dance Making Me Look Good Again Drake White
Father/Daughter Dance The Girl You Think I Am Carrie Underwood
Mother/Son Dance Like Jesus Does Eric Church


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